I got a lot of voodoo dolls!

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*I live in the valley. How does one get here? Well, everyone came from somewhere, especially if they live in the Los Angeles area - I'm from Moline, Illinois 61265. Grew up in a big stucco house my mother now inhabits a mile from the banks of the Mississippi river.
*I am a born Jewish, raised Catholic, Zen Buddhist; I've got all the guilt in the world but I'm at peace with it...so don't bother telling me I owe you something - I'm well aware and probably working on it as you read this.

*I work in the industry. I was a PA on But Can They Sing?, "Catch Phrase", "Workout", and "The People's Choice Awards" where I fell down the stairs attempting to keep up with Jessie Simpson's notes. I spend more time in the Art Dept than anywhere else these days. I like to build space ships, sets and zombies.
*I also devote my Saturday night to Sins O' The Flesh at the Nuart Theatre performing as Frank N' Furter or doing tech at The Rocky Horror Picture Show . Never stopped loving that, never will.

My life is no more interesting than anyone elses, the main reason I'm on LJ is to keep track of the cool people in my life without burning up minutes on my phone and so that they may do the same. Other than that...read the damn journal.
PS: If you don't want to read, well...a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why I don't say anything while I'm watching porn.

Very little comes close to holdng 30 years of debauchery close to my heart.

There is no cooler sister in this solor system...of couse I checked, that's a bold statement."
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